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Online Anatomy Tutorials

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How to use the tutorials: Each tutorial consists of a number of questions associated with a photograph. On the bottom of the screen is a control bar that allows you to zoom in or out on the photograph so you are able to view the photo optimally. In addition, the curved arrows allow you to rotate the photograph clockwise or counterclockwise. On the bottom right hand corner of the control bar is a button that says "answer." When you press that button, the answer to the question will appear in the space below the question. The "previous" and "next" arrows allow you to go to the previous question or the next question.

Click on the title to link to the page for that tutorial. The username and password is the same for all tutorials and it can be obtained from your anatomy lecture or laboratory instructor.

Skull Tutorial #1
Skull Tutorial #2
The Vertebral Column
Cow Bone Tutorial
Bones of the Hip (Os Coxa and Femur)
The Knee Joint
Bones of the Hand
Bones of the Foot
Muscles of the Thorax, Abdomen, and Face
CNS - The Brain and Cranial Nerves
Cardiovascular System - The Heart
Cardiovascular System - The Heart - Tutorial #2
Urogenital System Tutorial #1

Updated: June 4, 2006