Human Anatomy Links


Site Name and Link Description
Tutorial on Skull Anatomy Interactive online quizzes and real photos of the skull - Great for lab review!
Hypermuscle Videos show muscle actions. Clarifies book descriptions of specific joint movements.
Inner Body OK for review - some animations are good. A little difficult to navigate.
Medscape Useful link for finding answers to medically related questions
Web Anatomy

This site has very nice interactive quizzes. Particularly good for lab practical review.

Cow Eye Dissection The exploratorium's online cow eye dissection.
LUMEN Histology Page Great source of slides with detailed descriptions - very useful for lab practical reviews.
Cells Alive! Fun review of cellular structure (Biol 1170 review). Most not applicable to this course.

Histology Sites

Blue Histology

Histology World!

JayDoc HistoWeb

General Histology for Medical Students

The Virtual Slidebox

Anatomy Sites

Get BodySmart

Human Osteology
Radiographic Anatomy Modules
Gross Anatomy Laboratory Videos
Virtual Hospital: Normal Radiologic Anatomy
Sheep Brain Dissection and External Anatomy
Atlas of the Sheep Brain
Radiographic Images - University of Liverpool
Human Embryology Animations - Indiana University

Historical Anatomy - Anatomy Art Projects

Historical Anatomies on the Web
Visible Human Project
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